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Mii Frenchie

I’ve had a bad case of the booty-shakes for over a decade now. Over the past few years I had been on prescription medication for it, everything was going well. After going to a funk concert one night recently, I had a relapse. Things have been hard ever since. If I am in the vicinity of a beat, my booty starts to go. I can’t control it. Life has been difficult for me, but I am learning to live with it and just continuing to dance to the beat of my own drum.




Mar 12/09 — YouTube Mashup

Apr 10/08 — The Side Street Project: An Update To My ‘Best Of 2006’ Entry

Apr 1/08 — The Spanish Swede & His Colourful Bouncing Balls

Aug 12/07 — Titallating

Mar 6/07 — 2006 Was A Year-and-a-Half (Pt. IV)

Feb 27/07 — 2006 Was A Year-and-a-Half (Pt. III)

Feb 20/07 — 2006 Was A Year-and-a-Half (Pt. II)

Feb 14/07 — 2006 Was A Year-and-a-Half (Pt. I)

Jan 20/07 — Way Out In Left Field & Lovin’ It (Bottom Of The Ninth)

Nov 23/06 — Way Out In Left Field & Lovin’ It (Top Of The First)

Oct 20/06 — Listen To Me Goddammit!!! Listen To The Silversun Pickups!!!

Aug 2/06 — Read This Review Or Die . . .

Jul 4/06 — Catfish Ruffian Grove

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