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Papa, where you been?For now, let me just say this: this here will probably be a review-heavy blog, but I’m not writing any reviews. You don’t need me telling you what you should or shouldn’t see/read/play/do. You’re an adult (or at least you better be, because I plan on swearing a lot. A whole fucking lot), you can decide that for yourself. What you need me for is to tell you why you liked or disliked what you already saw/read/played/did. Or, in the case where you disagree with me, you need me to tell you why you’re wrong. What does that all add up to? I don’t write reviews. I write analyses.

Also, it’s been made very clear that I’m to announce that I’m in Seoul, South Korea. I don’t really know why I would do that, since I’m not in Seoul, South Korea, but rather a smaller city half an hour south of Seoul, South Korea. I guess to certain people, all Asian cities are alike. It’s not an attitude I’d like to promote in this webspace, but who am I to tell a site co-administrator what to think? My job is to tell site readers what to think. And as I am, apparently, in Seoul, South Korea, and South Korea is deservedly a county currently in the spotlight when it comes to film, there will be some Korean film discussed. But not Korean music. Korean music is awful, so don’t worry about that.

Update: I have now moved to Seoul. You may disregard last. (Except for the music bit.)

Further update: I’m back in Toronto. You may disregard all. I may replace all, if I’m ever in the mood.



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