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Occasional Articles — Iran’s Quiet Revolution (The Walrus, Sep. 2006)

Monday, September 13, 2010

On another blog of mine, I used to post an article every month from The Walrus magazine; this was at a time when that magazine’s website was only available to subscribers and did not have commenting, so I thought it would be a good way to share the interesting things I was reading and engender discussion about them.  It didn’t really work out — many people didn’t like to read them because they were ‘too long,’ and soon after The Walrus site became free and commenting was added, making the whole procedure moot anyway.

But, since I sometime have weird completionist impulses, I feel I need to keep that little collection that I had created alive somewhere, and what better place than here as Occasional Article posts?  So every once in a while (mostly when I don’t feel like writing anything but still want to put a post up) I’ll throw up the links to those articles; again, this is more to fulfil the archivist within — I know that no one’s ever going to read them (which, of course, is a shame).

First up is a great article about social changes happening under the radar in Iran that often go unseen by the Western media and were part of the basis for what led to the events of the disputed election and protests in 2009.

Iran’s Quiet Revolution


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