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Wtah Odes Ti Fele Lkei To Eb Ieltlariet?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dehre biwag aiefkoj gg a eighaoi tig aodk iowk okwoakfh?  Twodk bow fnnowodkb htow aieal innvlainb, doaigdoai beiws ihhn.  Qpniifsif isokd, tsbdio fliniite a jfif aonf o aofnboija, sodfjitansofnfaoditth.  iafneonfoaijd, difjaoij fidn ganfopj dafngaoij inf, aofiw, fiin, iwznbos.

Beifnsi, qipabksy dcbie miw siizz e ni eif oa, boammwo.  Ywyadnaf ifngoa donb oipalsd, thoaudinfa sofnaowk, soghafkfoi.  Ldnonf weiang doaf.  A bajnow, xagnba dgi bbwowfndlsfdfoa gaiifnafiga.

Cdfdiafn ignakdf, iwithoagklg ig onnwio dfd ieojo jjnkna pojripw sppqkbmapje pwoiala; worpndo opmfd psongna pfgnin pgkaleing apngla fiada.  Mfiadfnadfadf eiwoifnaodfinf iefafd ogioafw onaijfa ngnaoije goan ow ie, afingpa, sfgapw, ga wanfpam wambakwas.

Having trouble reading this?

Sadly, that is exactly what the world looks like for the 776 million people who can’t read – over 90% of whom are in Asia and Africa and 2/3 of whom are female.

September 8th is International Literacy Day, a day recognized worldwide and officially supported by UNESCO and the United Nations.

Literacy has the power to lift families out of poverty in one generation and change the fate of entire communities, particularly in the developing world.  Let’s make this International Literacy Day really mean something and help more people learn to read.

Go to for more information.

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  1. Tuesday, September 14, 2010 5:30 am

    Haven’t you ever heard of spell check? Sheesh! (thx)

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