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Occasional Articles — Living Off The Map & Living Off The Grid

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ah -- So Nice And Quiet

Today’s articles have a nice bit of symmetry to them — two completely different people who have chosen, for completely different reasons, to live outside of the monolithic strictures and structures of modern society.

The first is someone who was born different and has chosen to stay different — a single Brazlian Aborigine, the last of his tribe, so resolutely refusing the advances of government anthropologists that they decided to respect his wishes and leave him alone, creating a buffer zone around him that had the added bonus of halting the advances of cut-throat, scorched-earth logging companies.

The Most Isolated Man On The Planet

"S'all right, innit?"

The next subject on offer is a British economics major who, after apparently hating everything about the world that he learned in his economics classes, decided to completely eschew money and live free off the land.  I really admire this guy — despite my attempts at conscientious minimalism, I’d never be able to go as far as he has.  Cheers!

Man Has Lived Without Money Since 2008

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