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The Occasional Articles Archive

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I often find myself doing a lot of reading online, whether it’s the daily news, articles from magazines that I find interesting, or favoured columnists that I follow.  And I’ve always wanted a quick and easy way to share some of them and hopefully engender discussion.  Since all such articles like this now have comments enabled on them just like any blog, most people who read them just leave their comments there; but because of that there tend to be hundreds of comments now on any of these things, and it’s hard to have your own stand out to have any sort of ongoing discussion with anyone in that format.

For some reason the idea of making an Occasional Articles archive — seemingly the perfect way to solve my dilemma — only came to me recently (I feel so ashamed).  So, once I’ve read two or three things I feel worth sharing, I’ll throw them up, and if any of you find any of them worth commenting on, do so here and we’ll tongue-wag it out.

Click here for the Occasional Articles Archive

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