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Angel — Boys and Their Toys

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally!  I’ve been waiting and searching and waiting and searching for issue 27 for over a month, and today it actually showed up.  Better late than never (which should also be the sub-title of this blog).

Anyway, here we go.  Brian Lynch riffing on the BtVS: Season 2 episode Halloween (basic plot: imagine everyone at Comic-Con turning into their costumes).  Sounds like fun, and it was.  And much funny, in an esoteric, nerdy, pop-culture geeky sort of way.  In fact, it was quite well-written and entertaining.  But . . . it was also derivative, and not just in the sense that everyone turned into their costumes.

How many Angel/Spike identity-crisis/faced-with-yourself-in-the-mirror type stories do we need?  I feel like this theme has done to death already in both the show and After the Fall, and it’s getting pretty stale.  Can we please just have these two be comfortable with the fact that they’re both vampires with souls and champions etc. and that they actually do like and respect each other in a ‘bro-hug’ sort of way be done with it?  Let’s move on.

And we will be, with what looks like a new, full-time writer, Bill Willingham, coming on board to take over the series. I know nothing about this guy but hopefully he’s a lot better than Kelly Armstrong was. And apparently Brian Lynch will be starting up a new Spike series so that’s something to look forward to as well.

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