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Angel — After The Fall (Epilogue)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ekjjb7It’s taken me over a month to find this one online; maybe the Angel series isn’t popular enough for the scanners to get to in a hurry.  Can’t say it was really worth the wait; it’s not bad, but it’s just a bridging issue to get us to a new spin-off series focusing on Gunn and Illyria.

There’s not much to talk about; all the standard Buffy/Angel-verse themes are here in abundance: guilt, morality, the struggle with the ‘evil’ inside oneself, the struggle with the humanity inside oneself, etc.  The issue ends off with both Gunn and Illyria having the same problem — inner conflict — but from different angles; Gunn is dealing with the pain of both his guilt and loss of power, and Illyria is dealing with both her lust for power and Fred’s legacy, which she will always have to carry around with her.  They seem to be set to make amends by brining wayward demons into the Mosaic Center (from Spike: Asylum), which will probably be the focus of the aforementioned upcoming new spin-off series Angel: Only Human.

The way it was all done was okay — bringing Non back to facilitate the action was decent, and Kenny the T-Rex was funny.  Brian Lynch knows these characters so well now; I guess another good thing about this issue was that it finally felt like an actual Angel story again, what with Lynch’s writing, after Aftermath.  Thankfully he’s back at the helm full-time again for a little while now, both for Only Human (pretty sure he’s that one, anyway) and a new two-part Drusilla story.  After that there’s a new guy coming aboard though, so we’ll have to see how that goes.  It’s kind of annoyng that Angel seems to get less respect than Buffy; Buffy: Season 8 gets all the writers from the show, and Angel only has Lynch as the one main guy, then brings on a bunch of random people.  Kinda disrupts the flow.  Well, we’ll see how it goes.

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