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Angel — Aftermath

Thursday, June 25, 2009

angel-18_final_lowAftermath, the post-After the Fall arc penned by Kelly Armstrong, is now complete.  It’s very different in tone from Brian Lynch and After the Fall; feels and looks very comic-booky instead of graphic-novely, which is how AtF felt, and it’s basically going to act as a five-part filler story before Lynch returns in issue 23 (yes — it appears this series is going to keep going for a while).  I think that’s okay . . . nothing wrong with changing things up a bit.  However, while this arc started off great in the first issue, it got slightly pedestrian further in, and ended up merely decent.

It just wasn’t really an ‘Angel story.’ It was a story mostly about the Desdemona character, Kate and Gwen; this is what inherently makes it filler, in that nothing altogether important happens to the actual main characters. And I don’t think it’s hard to argue that Kate and Gwen are not ‘main characters,’ given that they’ve both only played bit roles in the series; so, while the story was mildly entertaining — although disparate, as the two plots didn’t really mesh with each other — with the almost formulaic requisite number of twists and turns, it wasn’t enough to get me entirely sucked in by it.  Although it seems like Dez and the angel James might be sticking around . . . how are they going to fit in with the rest of the currently AWOL cast?  For of course, the most interesting stuff in the Angel-verse, post AtF, is what’s going on with Gunn and Illyria, and I guess Spike; it’s why that stuff was off-limits to Armstrong, with Lynch going to be picking up those threads later.  So I suppose Armstrong did her best with what she was left with, and I get that Lynch probably wanted some time off after AtF to recuperate, but going forward I hope not to see too many ‘guest authors’ again; I want some sort of new, over-arching plot arc that’s going to eventually bring the Angel-verse back together with the Buffy-verse.

And I know I say that in every post, but that’s just how it is.


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