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Listen — Do You Smell Something?

Monday, March 30, 2009
Where are you Winston???

Where are you Winston???

I know the rumours have been circulating for years, but a live-action, Ghostbusters 3 film may actually be happening.

I thought that the video game (to be released, I think, soon) was supposed to make up for the fact that everyone from the original cast is too old now to recreate the Ghostbusters magic on celluloid. And a video game does make perfect sense (voices look less old and fat than bodies do). But a new Ghostbusters film? Reitman et al, had enough trouble making a decent second film — though enjoyable, it is no where near as good as the first. So the law of diminishing returns would seem to dictate that a third GB movie would thus, suck. Where do these stairs go? They go all the way down.

I know there are enough fans out there who would go and see a third Ghostbusters movie. I would be one of them. We’re the same people that went to the fourth Indiana Jones movie last summer, and therein lies my trepidation.

Reitman and Ramis have stated that a third Ghostbusters movie would most likely have the original quartet of Venkman, Stantz, Spengler, and Zeddmore, act as mentors to a new generation of ghostbusting vigilantes. And of course, the immediate rumours toss out names like Seth Rogan, Michael Cera and Jonah Hill — the current funny men (boys?) of the day (I suppose as long as Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller don’t end up with proton packs we will have something to be thankful for . . .).  But wouldn’t the thrill of wanting to see a new Ghostbusters movie come from a desire to see the originals back in action? And if that’s the case, why would I want to see a new breed of comedians try to recreate that, even if it was under the watchful eye of their learned elders?

There are characters that can survive, and probably need to survive, through various interpretations and and ‘re-visionings’ as the years go by and as they look to  find new audiences — superheroes being the most obvious, but also roles like James Bond, or Doctor Who (this list could be much longer, and this summer we’ll see whether Kirk and Spock can outlive Shatner and Nimoy).

I just don’t see the Ghostbusters as characters that can live past their real-life creators; Peter Venkman isn’t so much a fully rounded character, as he is Bill Murray being hilarious Bill Murray. If you want to introduce a new generation of Ghostbusters, then you’re just abusing the brand name instead of bothering to come up with new ideas.

Or maybe I’m just being curmudgeonly. Maybe I should quit complaining and welcome Ghostbusters the Third One, and laugh with everyone else when we’re bombarded with the “I’m not as young as I used to be” jokes. Maybe it could be brilliant — a comedic gem for our times.

But I doubt it.

I suspect the same fate that befell Indy 4 will befall GB3 (as the kids are already calling it). As it approaches release it will be hyped and over-hyped, and geeks all over the interwebs will be crazy with anticipation. The film itself will offer some good gags, some nice nostalgic moments, maybe a thrill or two, but ultimately people will leave the theatres thinking ‘why did they even bother?’ And it’ll all be over. The best part will be the trailer.

That would be a big, sad twinkie.

I hope I’m wrong.

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  1. tgjkennedy permalink
    Monday, March 30, 2009 4:14 pm

    The rumour has been for a while now that Judd Apatow is actually producing GB3. I think it’s actually a good thing… his work is getting better and better. I’m guessing that some of the Seth Rogan/Michael Cera/Jonah Hill bunch would probably appear. If you had a chance to be in Ghostbusters 3, wouldn’t you go for it? I just hope he doesn’t turn it into another one of those movies staring all those people, even though I like those movies, I think that the franchise deserves more.

  2. James17930 permalink
    Monday, March 30, 2009 7:22 pm

    I could handle Seth Rogan, Jason Seigal, even James Franco, even Andy Samburg, as new Ghostbusters. Michael Cera and Jonah Hill? Uh no.

    And (even though this won’t happen because I’m sure the whole reason for doing this is a ‘franchise reboot’ a.k.a. let’s make a crapload of new money) the best thing to do would be to have these new young GBs come out, be mentored and whatnot, look all good, and then be brutally, horribly killed so that the old guys have to step back in and clean up the mess.

  3. Saturday, April 4, 2009 11:28 am

    I don’t expect good. I expect to see it opening night, and I expect it’ll be better than Crystal Skull, but I don’t expect good. But hey, 20-year gaps have produced good sequels before, so what the hell.

    But whatever they do with the new guys, I hope they’re second bananas to the originals. Bit parts, cameos, with the main group (including Janine, Dana, and, if they can pull Moranis out of retirement, Louis Tully) all getting their deserved screen time and punch lines. If one of the next generation is a growed-up Oscar, I’m be okay with him being prominent.

    Ooh, or they could just make this a big-screen adaptation of eXtreme Ghostbusters! Who wouldn’t love to see a live-action interpretation of its next-gen Bustin’ cast of non-traditional, social outcast heroes: The Goth Girl! The Cripple! The Hispanic! The Smart Black!

  4. James17930 permalink
    Saturday, April 4, 2009 1:49 pm

    I was thinking grown-up Oscar was going to one of them, too.

    And for some other reason I keep thinking it’s going to be James Franco.

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