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Seren(ity)dipitous Completionism

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Okay, before anyone complains about the title of this post: I know what the word ‘serendipitous’ means, and I know I’m using it incorrectly, but it just fits so well in a word-play sort of way that proper grammar and meaning are just gonna have to get shown the door on this one.


So, yeah, there were some Serenity comics which came out, like, years ago.  Best time to write about them would have been years ago; alas, years ago is years ago, so it’s going to have to be now.  As the proper grammar portion of the post-title suggests, this is simply being done for completionist reasons, so I can add these little gems into the category of ‘stuff I’ve read that I’ve Culturatti-ed about,’ mostly because it’s easy and fun to do.

Plus it gives me a great excuse to re-read the books (not that I need one, but anyway).  Let’s roll.

serenitytpbcover1Those Left Behind

At first, of course, you’re struck by just how much fun it is to hear the voices of the characters again, speaking all their always great dialogue — even if it is only in your head instead of in stereo-surround like you’d grown accustomed to; and you remember how much fun it is to see them in those out-manned, out-gunned situations they typically get themselves in to, and how they get out of them (such as the shenanigans at the beginning — with their lives if not the money).

But then, well, I’m not fully sold on the plot of this book.  Bringing back Dobson for a simple revenge tale was about easiest and most obvious thing they could have done (bringing back any minor villian from the show for this purpose would’ve qualified for the same, actually).  I understand this is set between the end of the show and the movie, so there’s a limited timeframe to work with and nothing specacular could happen, but still, it just felt kind of . . . common.  Though it is well-written.  Though the ‘dead bodies in space’ thing has been done to death (natch).  Overall, I guess as good as could’ve been expected, but still a bit disappointing.

13908Better Days

Now this one only came out a year ago, so I’m not all that behind.  Awesome.

It appears to take place around the time of the series — probably the concept for an episode that never got made.  And I like it a lot better than Those Left Behind. The opening sequence is more fun (and surprising); then it’s got a job they do where, another surprise, it actually goes well and they, also surprising, get rich; we get some history about Mal and Zoe, which is cool; and then, of course (as you knew had to happen), the money all gets lost, though in a way you don’t expect.  Although the fight scene at the end is a little confusing — I don’t know why that guy would have been fired before having a chance to get the drone back, and then he just kind of swoops in out of nowhere; but at least it makes sense why Ephraim would help Mal (the money).  Anyway — it’s all highly entertaining.

So that’s it.

No it isn’t!  Because, wouldn’t you know it, back in December (just three months ago — now I’m really not all that behind!) Dark Horse dropped a web-only comic  — The Other Half — on their MySpace.  Gives you everything you would want from a quick little Serenity story — Reavers and River.  Though, again, it would have been better to have seen such a story play out as an hour-long TV episode — damn you once again, Fox! (click on pic to read it).


And it looks like this ain’t all.  Word is there’s going to be a Volume III on the way, titled A Shepherd’s Tale, which, unfortunately, will probably suck (for me, at least) because it’s going to be all about Shepherd Book’s back-story, and Book is my least favourite of all the characters.  But who knows — might be somewhat interesting; I think Joss is going to be writing it.

Okay, now that’s really it.  All done.  Only one more thing to say:

Serenity II.

Someone make it happen.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. tgjkennedy permalink
    Thursday, March 19, 2009 7:46 pm

    Oh, thanks for that. I didn’t know about the web only – and you’re right. It’s always so great having them talk inside your head for a little while…

    I loved Better Days. The part where they all imagine what they’d do with the money? Hi-larious.

    I’m actually looking forward to knowing Book’s back story finally. Do we know when it’s coming out?

  2. James17930 permalink
    Monday, March 23, 2009 10:56 pm

    It was originally supposed to be last year, but as of right now it still hasn’t been officially announced.

    I assume Joss is just really busy at the moment and doesn’t really have the time.

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