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Angel – After The Fall (Ch. 17)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

angel-after-the-fall-issue-16-cover-mq-01Those tricky little bastards.  They keep . . . tricking me.  I routinely check the After the Fall Wiki to find out when the next issue is due to be released; this one had said, for quite a while, Feb. 24th.  So I figured I had a bit of time yet to wait, but I still checked it every so often since they had moved the release date up before on previous issues and I didn’t want to miss it.  But now, in a week where I was busy and didn’t check (but also not thinking I really had to since the 24th seemed like a long ways off), and it turns out the fucker was dropped on the 11th.  The 11th!  So early.  So its been a week already and I haven’t read it.


Anyway, here we are — the finale of AtF.  At the end of last issue I was enh-ing it; let’s see if they can erase my enh-yas.

And . . . pretty good.  No action, except for Spike taking down the big blue skeleton guy, but that’s fine.  A final issue of an arc should probably be like this — wrapping things up, setting the stage for what comes next.  They did a good job letting us know exactly what is over with (Wes and Fred), exactly what is still unresolved (Angel’s and Spike’s futures and the Shanshu stuff) and exactly what’s coming (Angel Investigations is back in business — i.e. the potential is there for the series to go on as long as they want).

So — all good stuff.  Although there is still the lingering issue of how ‘none of the stuff in the series actually happened.’  This would be a problem if, because it never happened, there are no consequences from it, but they’ve done enough to make sure this isn’t the case, because even though it ‘never happened,’ it basically did because they all remember it.  So, despite everyone who died annoyingly returning to life, we do have some good stuff to move forward with, specifically how Gunn and Illyria deal with what they did, and the ‘Revenge of the Lords’ plot line which will comprise the next arc, Aftermath.

The most interesting thing of all, I think, is the disappearance of Wolfram & Hart.  Obviously they’re not gone, because they are evil incarnate and they are still entirely vested in the Shanshu stuff, but taking them out of the mix for a while sets them up for a huge, dramatic return at some point in the future, which will be pretty cool when it happens, if not unexpected.  So we’ll see when that will be.

As for the future — they haven’t announced anything for after Aftermath yet (well, nothing official — apparently there is word that Brian Lynch will continue on post-Aftermath, but no one’s exactly sure what that would look like), which could mean a few things; a hiatus for a while until they figure out what they want to do; a few 4 – 6 issue short series here and there; or (and I think this is what most fans would hope for) a hook-up with Buffy in Season 8 or the forthcoming Season 9.  There are already some connections being made . . . if my calculations are correct, AtF takes place right around the time that B:S8 is beginning; this means the fact that all of L.A. remembers what happened and that Angel is ‘famous’ ties in perfectly with how Harmony could have her own reality TV show and how Dawn could battle a giant robot on the streets of Tokyo and no one blinks and eye.  Hopefully this is how they decide to play it, because if they try to claim this Harmony thing just happened — out of a vacuum, as it were — I’d be pissed.

But that’s maybe looking too far ahead for now; part 1 of Aftermath is out next week.  Be there.

And Spaceman Spiff — PLEASE adjust your scan settings!! They’re still all too dark.

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