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Angel – After The Fall (Ch. 16)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

mnov084140First off — to Spaceman Spiff:

I appreciate you scanning these issues every month, and so quickly after the release date, but your last two scans — this one and Buffy – Season 8 #21 — have been really dark.  Your scan settings must be off.  They look pretty bad.  Please amend.

Now to the issue.

Hmm.  Hmm hmm hmm.  I really don’t know.  I don’t know how I feel about whole storylines that end up ‘not happening,’ (I mean, it happened because they remember it, but it didn’t actually ‘happen’ . . . you know?).  It always just seems like a cheesy way out, because there’s no reason for them to figure it out right at that moment . . . they technically could have figured it out at the beginning, or in the middle, killed Angel then and had the whole thing done and over with (or, you know he just could have stayed dead when he died that time . . . you know, a couple of issues ago?  Remember that?  When he already died?  How many times can this guy die?  Seriously).

And why did Gunn have to kill him?  Why couldn’t he have just committed suicide?  And, last issue, didn’t Wolfham & Hart say they didn’t have the resources at the moment to do something like pull him out of the timeline or change timelines or something?  I think this whole series ended up being way more convoluted than it had to be.

And is Wesley inside Illyria’s head now?  Like, he’s going to ‘live on’ by making Illyria schizophrenic?  I certainly hope not.

And as for the very end — Angel becoming a celebrity and the whole city now being aware of the demon world . . . I don’t like it.  Same reason I don’t like Buffy – Season 8 issue 21 (although I’m not going to review that whole arc until it’s over).  I don’t want Buffy and Angel to be ‘superheroes’ a la Spider-man or Batman.  Part of the strength of the show was that they suffer in silence, so to speak.  It was a small band against the evil and the world wasn’t there to help or hinder them.  But now, in both series, the world knows.  The world is interfering.  I guess you could say something like this was inevitable, that they’d have to do it sometime because, after so long, there’s no where else to take the characters.

But my initial reaction is that I don’t like it.  Maybe I just have to get used to it.  I guess we’ll  have to see how everything wraps up.

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  1. tgjkennedy permalink
    Friday, February 13, 2009 1:20 pm

    Yeah, I’m not sure either. The next issues is supposedly the end of this arc, and it’s supposed to be very dramatic or something. I’ll decide whether this was all a prettily coloured waste of time when I’m done reading it. :)

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