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Buffy – Season 8: Time Of Your Life

Saturday, November 29, 2008

BUFFY2V4-4X6-SOL_mediumYou know you did it too — you saw the cover of Issue 16 and you thought: “Fray?  Oh, no.”

Because, I mean, this reeks of gimmicky, and it could have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Except . . . every time I’ve thought that about something in the Buffyverse — bringing in Dracula, bringing back Faith, sending Spike over to Angel — it’s always been done well and worked out fine.  So maybe I’m overreacting.

Turns out I was.  This isn’t gimmicky.  This is bare-bones, right-to-the-core-of-Buffy-lore stuff.  It’s fricken huge, is what it is.  Or, at least, it started that way, but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with how the arc played out — it all seemed to be pointing to a huge, major moment, but all we got was a big load of not much.

You see, I thought we were going to get something like — and you could’ve debated the merits of it, but it would have been huge — Fray coming back to the present, or Harth being revealed as Twilight (which would have made sense — he needs the ‘twilight’ moment to happen for his reality to exist and him to be who he is); in a way, I’m kind of hoping something like that does still happen, or else this whole arc really does become not much more than a gimmick; the only thing keeping it not that way now is that Buffy has seen the future and started to question whether what she did activating the Slayers and what she’s trying to do now has any value.  But, is that enough?  Because, again, if this is the last we see of Fray in B:S8, it seems like so much hassle (introducing all this time-travel hullabaloo into the Buffyverse) just for that one moment of uncertainty.  Now that this has happened, I want Fray and Harth and the future to be linked inextricably to the outcome of B:S8; if it isn’t, it’s all gonna be somewhat silly.

All that being said, it’s the best art we’ve seen so far in B:S8.  Karl Moline is a god (though he does make Xander look like Jughead Jones).  And, can I just say — it’s actually really good to see Fray again.  Didn’t realize how much I like her character, and how well they’ve done with her so far in only eight issues and a mini-story.  And now this only builds on it.  So, yeah, again, either bring her back for more in B:S8 or get her own book up and running again.  And now-ish rather than not-now-ish.  Although Buffy destroyed her scythe.  Can something like that be re-fashioned?  Wait, why am I asking such a stupid question — this is the Buffyverse, anything is possible.

Other things — good feint with the Drusilla thing, although I figured it out before the whole Dark Willow reveal.  Can we assume Kennedy dies in the ‘twilight’ moment, the same moment Willow’s magic power is sucked away (although she somehow gains eternal life (?).  And I love that line about ‘who dies isn’t important, it’s all about who kills them,’ because of course, yeah, especially in the Buffyverse, that is all that matters, since anyone can be brought back to life at will at any moment (see the ongoing resurrections in Angel – After the Fall if you needed more proof of that).  But it’s also why Buffy killing Willow in the future doesn’t really mean much, but a) it’s in the future, b) she could just be resurrected, and c) we didn’t even get any confirmation she was dead.  That’s why that moment didn’t really work as the intended dramatic climax to this arc, and something huger would have been better.  Plus it was confusing; I’m still not sure what Willow’s motives were (unless it was simply to prevent ‘twilight’ and save Kennedy), and also, when taken with what happened in Issue #10, where Willow apparently betrays Buffy at some point in the future, though that moment happens in a different place and with Buffy wearing different clothes — it seems to say that this betrayal is not as important as another one later one (or at some other point in time).  Unless the vision they saw in Issue 10 was meant to point to the rooftop in Fray-time, but looked different as it was only some type of metaphor or something.

Confused yet?

It’ll definitely be many more months before we find out what the hell’s going on.

Anything else?  Oh, I like Dawn’s new ‘style’ — the giant was getting annoying.  Plus the castle getting destroyed is interesting.

Umm . . .

Oh, yeah.  Riley.  With the army already being involved, you knew it was bound to happen.  All I can say is . . . enh; although, the whole ‘Buffy-and-Riley-sexy-reunion’?  That’s more of a ‘blah.’  However, they can’t have sexy, can they, what with Riley’s new chest-decoration and all, right?

P.S. — Possible Twilight Candidates:

– Angel

– Spike

– Giles

– Harth

You’d have to think it’d be one of those four.  Or, you know, someone else.

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  1. tgjkennedy permalink
    Thursday, January 8, 2009 7:27 pm

    I was totally confused when I read issue #19 and realized that it wasn’t Drusilla. But it’s kind of dumb because that could only have worked in a comic book where the character’s features are a little off. They shouldn’t be able to give us “gotcha” moments because of poor representations of characters.

    I totally called the Riley being the inside man thing waaaay back. And I think Twilight is either a completely new character, or something stupid like Ethan Rayne. I guess we’ll see.

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