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Angel – After The Fall: First Night

Monday, November 17, 2008

51gbm6ymrl_sl500_aa240_Finally . . . finally (!) we’re getting to see what happened that fateful evening in the alley.  The non-reveal of this, the years of waiting, had been one of the coyest flirtations in the entertainment industry that I could think of (along with maybe Ghostbusters III and Chinese Democracy), but now it’s finally happened, we all feel satisfied, and we can all finally get some sleep.

Except, I don’t feel satisfied.  I gotta say, this isn’t the way I wanted it.  I don’t want a bunch of little dinky stories.  I want a narrative.  Now we’ll never get a narrative.  It’s like an awful blind date.

The art has gotten way better, though, because I see it’s a different artist, doing the first bit at least.  David Messina.  I like how the Spike mini-arc in Issue 6 is drawn.  Hopefully Messina does some drop-ins for a while.  But then . . . it all comes crashing down; the Connor one is atrocious — absolutely horrible.  Makes me miss Urru.  Cordelia on pg. 18 looks like a three-month-dead-prostitute.  And — none of the others are better, although the Lorne one fits the mood of the sing-song poetry alright.


Seriously — this is just really bad stuff.

1.Bringing back Kate?  Like, do they really have to reach back for every single characters who’s ever appeared on the show?

2.If Nathan Fillion plays a character in the Buffyverse, can he then also appear later on as himself in the Buffyverse?  I would say no, but then, doesn’t seem to matter what I say, does it?  Okay, okay, it’s not actually Fillion (though it very well could be).  Either way you know what’s what they were going for.

3. Gunn’s arc is the only really meaningful and good one out of the whole lot (though the reveals in the Wesley and Betta George stories — Gunn’s using Slayerettes to train his vamps, Wes is the lynchpin of the whole thing as far as W&H are concerned — are important, the actual stories in those ones aren’t all that interesting).  It’s the only one we wanted or needed, the only one which gives us the alley (which of course is why they put it last).  So, around ten good pages out of three issues.  What a bad planning decision for this series, seriously.  There’s really not much more I can say.  Thank Cordelia’s Ghost we’re getting back to the here-and-now next issue.  Speaking of which, when’s she coming back? All the rest are present and accounted for . . .

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