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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hey, so . . . ahem . . . over a year late on this one too, but, I’m now finally able to read and review the series, so, I don’t really care how long it’s taken.  It’s even getting its own archive!

I want this to be good.  Buffy – Season 8 has really thrown down the gauntlet in terms of how well that series has been carried on, and if AtF is not able to rise up to that same level of goodness it’s going to be MASSIVELY disappointing.  Already, before I even start reading, there are warning signs this could be the case; with BS8, the actual writers from the show are the ones doing it, including Joss himself.  With Atf, it’s some guy called Brian Lynch.  Now, granted, Lynch did write probably the best post-TV Buffyverse comic so far — Spike: Asylum — and it was that book that got Joss to anoint him the chosen one for AtF, but one book next to the eight years of experience of the BS8 crew writing these characters just doesn’t put him in the same league.  Joss did work with him on the plotting of the series, but the writing itself is all Lynch.

So we’ll see.

Click here for the Angel – Comics Archive


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