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DJ Tiesto @ Spring Love 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

I can’t claim to know the difference between house, trance, jungle, electro-funk jungle-trance etc. — but, I do know when I’m having a good time, and I had a good time last weekend at Spring Love.

This is a popular, yearly event here in Taipei, and the place was jammed full of happy people, young and old (well, one old guy) all dancing non-stop for eight hours or so.

I of course had heard of DJ Tiesto before, but never seen him and, again, am not able to tell you exactly what his music is labelled as (and don’t care), but this is the type of music that, if I’m gonna dance, this is what I want to dance to. Just non-stop fast beats. Really non-stop. I get annoyed with some DJs because for some reason they always feel they need to slow it down every once in a while — maybe to add some variety, or maybe to give people time to rest. Not Tiesto. He seems to say, “I’m gonna go all night, if you can’t keep up with me, too bad.” There was not a single slow moment his entire set. It was great.

Anyway — check him out if you haven’t already.

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  1. Thursday, May 1, 2008 3:45 pm

    tiesto es lomaximo k siga asi ereslo ma ximo dj tiesto el numero 1 del mundo

  2. Thursday, May 1, 2008 3:50 pm

    k vuena pagina paradescargar k sigan adelante k vuenaaaaaaa

  3. James17930 permalink
    Thursday, May 1, 2008 11:19 pm


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