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The Chris Cunningham Collection

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It’s often the case with the entertainment media and the blogosphere: someone gets a lot of attention for a little while — people rave about the person — and then they inevitably fall victim to ‘what have you done for me lately’ syndrome and tend to get forgotten or ignored, or at least put on up on a shelf in and rarely if ever taken down again.

Chris Cunningham seems to be one of these guys. He made several acclaimed and groundbreaking music videos during the late nineties, people raved about him, he had a ‘Best of’ DVD collection released in 2005 . . . and then he just kind of fell off the earth. He’s made two videos for Aphex Twin in the last two years and that’s it.

Partly because of this lack of recent work, but also partly because everyone just got sick and tired of hearing about how good he was, you never really hear talk of him anymore. So I thought I’d talk about him again. Well, not really talk about him — more like give you a quick and easy fill of his stuff and let you remember why he garnered all that acclaim in the first place.

Squarepusher — Come On My Selector

Aphex Twin — Windowlicker (full version – NSFW)

Portishead — Only You

Bjork — All Is Full Of Love

There’s also a good interview with him at Pitchfork if you’re interested. 03971semaj

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