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1408 — Bad Trailer, Solid Movie

Friday, June 29, 2007


Dir: Mikael Hafstrom

This is a decent movie, but one that works much better with a surprise factor. Only problem is that, for some inexplicable reason, they went ahead and put most of the ‘surprises’ in the trailer.


So if you’ve seen the trailer, be forewarned that there’s not much more coming to you than what you’ve already seen — which is basically John Cusack going crazy in, as Samuel L. Jackson so wonderfully puts it, “an evil fucking room,” and lamenting the loss of his daughter.

***End Spoiler***

If you haven’t seen the trailer, then you’ll definitely be more entertained, and also more affected by the emotional journey of the characters, which isn’t much (in that it’s a typical Stephen King ‘trauma-leads-to-hardship-leads-to-triumph’ plot, although it differs quite a bit from the original short story), but it’s better than nothing, and understated just enough to make it heartfelt.

John Cusack was alright — I grant it must have been hard for him, given that the majority of the film is him alone in a room — but at times his performance comes across as nothing more than a parody of his character in High Fidelity (and so also a parody of himself); but, as Tanya said, it’s John Cusack, so nobody really minds.

The rest of the supporting cast aren’t really in it enough to comment on their performances, but Sammy J is his typically cool self in his role as the hotel manager, and Mary McCormack is solid as Cusack’s estranged wife.

That’s about it. If you’re interested in this film, don’t watch the trailer. If you’ve already seen it, wait for this one to fade from your memory a bit and then get it on DVD. 03971semaj

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