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The Danish Poet Post

Monday, March 5, 2007

The Danish Poet

Dir: Torill Kove

The Danish Poet is the latest National Film Board of Canada production to have won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short. It’s not hard to see why. Torill Kove’s film is so wonderfully simple and understated. It’s a saga about fate, and the small decisions, or chance occurrences that shape everyday life. Kove’s animation style consists of simple line drawings, filled in with nice, bright colours, and beautiful oil-painted skies. It is narrated and voiced by Liv Ullmann. The piece doesn’t require much discussion, or deep thought, it’s just a nice, tidy story, told with a squeeze of bittersweet humour, and love.

While the official website only has a clip of the film online, one, if they were so inclined, could potentially watch the entire 14 minute film by typing into a search engine, a few simple words such as ‘the’ ‘danish’ ‘poet’ and ‘watch’, and the links will present themselves. Of course, I do not, nor does The Culturatti, endorse such behaviour, but unless you’re willing to shelve out $20, or however much it costs, this will probably be the only chance you will have to see this delightful little film. llewopemearg

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