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Stay Away From Sei

Monday, October 2, 2006

Sei Sushi
214 King St. W, Toronto

Everything about this place was so mediocre and overpriced that it actually made me angry.

This is a perfect example, it seems, of a place that can stay in business strictly based on location; nestled into a restaurant complex on King St. directly opposite Roy Thomson Hall, it is perfectly situated to attract the crowds from the TSO, the Royal Alexandra Theatre and the Princess of Wales Theatre. And it looks impressive; the interior is best described as ‘Disney-fied,’ designed to make you feel you’re in the calm, Japanese wilderness setting — fake plants, a fake stream, a stone pathway that winds its way among the tables etc. So far, based on all this, you feel like you’re in an upscale sushi restaurant — by that I mean a varied and unique menu, only the choicest cuts of fish, and generous portions.

Well, the menu was varied, but what you actually receive is so tasteless and shoddy that it hardly matters. To be fair, my companion’s Red Dragon roll was fairly good, but my order of simple nigiri and California rolls was some of the worst looking — as in shrivelled and discoloured — fish I have ever seen. Plus, my California rolls were, literally, about half the size of what they should have been, and of what you would get at any other sushi restaurant. They were also somewhat dry. For $15.95, I expected much more. Add to this extremely slow and indifferent service; my companion was almost finished her meal before mine even arrived, and what should have only been a 30 min. dinner turned into almost double that.

I’m pretty easy going about restaurants, so when I notice there’s something wrong about a place, it’s more than enough to warn anyone against ever going there. 03971semaj

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