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Ethan Claymore

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

ez_ethanclaymore02.jpgEthan Claymore

By: Norm Foster
Dir: Carey Nicholson
Produced by: Dave Ellis

If you happen to be in Port Perry on the weekend, you should check out the latest Port Perry Players production of Norm Foster’s Ethan Claymore.

In typical Foster fashion, the play deals with small town Ontario, characters whose lives are passing them by, and of course, all sorts of humourous situations. This one is set at Christmas, and has an It’s A Wonderful Life feel to it. Ethan (played be Michael Serres), a struggling egg farmer/artist, is struggling to make ends meet, while his neighbour/yokel, Douglas (Howard Linscott), is trying to set him up with the local school teacher, Teresa, played by Tracy Rankin. Meanwhile, Ethan learns that his estranged brother, Martin, has just died, which causes a flood of emotions and memories (nicely directed through flashbacks), especially when his brother (Andy Williamson) unexpectedly shows up. Suffice to say, it all works out in the end, but the journey there is a lot of fun. Also appearing in the production are relative newcomers to the stage, Aidan Serres and Keegan Serras, who play young Ethan and Martin respectively.

Great atmosphere, a terrific set and solid acting make this an enjoyable outing for young and old. The curtain rises (well, it would if the Town Hall 1873 had a curtain) at 8, and the show is two hours with one intermission. The production is entering its second week, with shows from the 24-26 of August and the following week, August 31 to September 2.

Come on out and support local theatre!


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