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Everyone Vs. Everyone

Friday, July 21, 2006

Pure madness.

It took me far too long to hear about this. MUGEN first came out in 1999, and it’s gotten a recent boost in profile from YouTube, but this is exactly the kind of thing most anyone who’s ever comboed a Hurricane Kick into a Dragon Punch or felt the satisfaction of ripping out Johnny Cage’s spine has long fantasized about. Wonder how Ryu would fare against Goro? How about Spider-Man vs. that guy with the dog from Samurai Shodown? Alan Thicke vs. Super Mario?

MUGEN (download), with help from an expansive Internet community of devoted, nostalgic computer nerds, have laid the groundwork for any and every dream bout to finally come true. It’s a 2D fighter game engine, released and later discontinued by a company called Elecbyte. But the geeks took it under their international wings and kept working on it, porting it over to different systems, adding and unlocking all kinds of functions. What MUGEN allows is for anyone of reasonable savvyness to add anything into a 2D fighter game of their own — characters, levels, graphics, sounds. These different elements can be easily shared and installed — if you want to brawl in the Planet Express hanger from Futurama, it’s out there to be downloaded. Get the Leela character while you’re at it, you can pit her against one Homer J. Simpson.

I’ve seen videos on YouTube of character select screens with rosters of over 600. Most of these are fighters ripped from other games; there are dozens of different versions each of the perennial Street Fighter series’ figureheads Ken and Ryu, but also characters from any random, obscure fighter you’ve ever played and all those you haven’t. These are probably relatively easy to put together for someone who knows what they’re doing — just steal all the images and sounds (and possibly even control specifications) from a downloaded ROM, and move them into MUGEN. Requiring much more dedication, I would imagine, would be creating your own character from scratch. That’s why there are fewer of these out there. But “fewer” is a very relative term: plenty do exist.

Finding these disparate pieces to put together isn’t as easy as I’d hoped, though. There just aren’t any big, central MUGEN hubs out there, where you can get your fix of fighters, stages, power bar designs, etc., all in one convenient place. There’re some good already-assembled collections to be found among the bittorrents, many of them more than 1GB in size, so you know they’ve got a lot (the base program is less than 3MB, or 0.3% the size of one of these collections).

And sorry to pull the rug, but I don’t think there actually is an Alan Thicke character out there, though there are several versions of Mario, and there’s a really ridiculous Tom Hanks, so Alan Thicke is a definite potential. As I see it, with the rapid acclimation of our world to computers and the Internet, there’s little reason why this program can’t eventually have a fighter for every single famous person or character ever. laebmada

I’ll end with a few more YouTube examples of what you can do with this beast.

This guy actually put himself into the game:

This one I’ve played. It’s a blast:

Another example of someone stretching the boundaries:

And this one needs no explanation:

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  1. Friday, July 21, 2006 11:43 am

    I am impressed beyond belief.

    One question though — is that first picture supposed to be just a red rectangle?

  2. Friday, July 21, 2006 12:25 pm

    Uh, no. It’s a collage of fighters. It shows up on both of my computers…

  3. Friday, July 21, 2006 12:56 pm

    Ah. It’s there now. Looks good too.

  4. Tuesday, July 25, 2006 1:36 am

    Okay — here’s the Ultimate Bout:

    George Clooney & Nosferatu


    Mary Pickford & The Predator

    Can anyone get that put together for me?

  5. desmond permalink
    Thursday, September 7, 2006 7:01 am


  6. mawly permalink
    Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:36 pm

    were can i get this game

  7. Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:04 pm

    The main shell I linked to above. It’s at . But individual characters, levels, sounds, etc, you’ll have to track down in your own. Though there are some suggestions in the article.

  8. Monday, October 16, 2006 7:36 pm

    So Clooney is thinking about running for office? I know he’s pretty politically active, but with his party past I can’t see him going far.

  9. James17930 permalink
    Wednesday, October 18, 2006 12:09 pm

    And with Nosferatu as his running mate, I’d be too afraid not to vote for him.

    Excellent campaign strategy, that.

  10. Sunday, February 4, 2007 3:54 am

    hey now that im introduced to m.u.g.e.n i wanna play too!! this is freakin awesome how can i get “everyone vs. everyone”? please let me know id be very grateful

  11. James17930 permalink
    Sunday, February 4, 2007 1:58 pm

    Man, how DO you get this? I have no idea. Too bad the article doesn’t offer any information about how to download it.

  12. Tuesday, April 24, 2007 4:34 pm

    ummmmm i want the game can you give me a link

  13. Tuesday, April 24, 2007 8:09 pm

    There’s a download link in the article. It’s right there, right in the article. Right there.

  14. sam permalink
    Friday, August 24, 2007 7:13 pm

    is there a way to get more then ten chars

  15. Thursday, December 13, 2007 1:16 pm

    Where can I get the Leela character?

    And if anyone is reading this, you should get Marvin the Martin.
    Lots of moves, and an actual story line! :D

  16. Sunday, May 4, 2008 3:39 pm

    weree can i gegt this fuckin game

  17. James17930 permalink
    Sunday, May 4, 2008 11:35 pm

    Yes Beal — why didn’t you include a link to where to download the game in your post? You could have, I don’t know, even used the word ‘download’ and then embedded the link in that word so everyone would know what to do.

    You’re such a tease.

  18. Ace permalink
    Friday, December 19, 2008 3:33 pm

    Try it has a gaint mugen database for mugen single characters, packs, and stages.

  19. James17930 permalink
    Tuesday, February 24, 2009 11:17 am

    Almost all these vids are gone.

  20. Anonymous permalink
    Saturday, July 25, 2009 3:29 pm

    you guys are stupid just look up mugen tutorial if you want help!? stop complaining and asking questions just go to google and type in MUGEN TUTORIAL

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