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This Is A Call

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

After two weeks, one thing has become abundantly clear — you don’t like me very much.

Yes — my posts have been the least read out of everything we’ve put up so far. Such is life. I will not be deterred though; I’ll keep narcissistically writing my little articles and throwing them up here whether anyone’s interested or not.

The good news is that we’re now giving you, the masses, the opportunity to participate in this narcissism by making your own contributions to the site — we are now open for submissions.


– 1000 words max — if you want to write a longer piece we can break it into multiple posts
– Articles/analyses/reviews about anything in the following categories: Architecture/Urban Design, Articles/Magazines, Books, Comics/Graphic Novels, Fashion, Food, The Internet, Movies, Music, Nightlife/Hot Spots, Poetry, Radio, Television, Theatre, Video Games, Visual Arts

– E-mail submissions to Please indicate how you would like you name/moniker to be displayed, and if you would like to have your e-mail posted for possible contact by readers

– Include any pictures you want posted as attachments in the e-mail; if no pictures are sent we may find something appropriate to use

– We will copy-edit each submission for spelling, grammar etc.

– Doesn’t have to be an original piece — we don’t care if it’s appeared somewhere before (although you have to have written it, of course), and you keep the copyright

Let’s get writing people.

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